EOLOS Rides the Wind and Waves Through Typhoon Hinnamnor

Whilst the full energy of the typhoon took place during night hours the daylight video images that each EOLOS FLS200 buoy captures provide an insight into the conditions witnessed during the movie review day (full video: https://www.zxlidars.com/education/videos/).

On August 30, typhoon Hinnamnor became the first category-5 storm on Earth in 2022 and winds have since been reported as reaching 260 km/hr. The EOLOS FLS200 was deployed in support of offshore wind developments in the region. The buoy which features an integrated ZX 300M wind Lidar has been purposely designed exclusively for the needs of the offshore wind industry, ensuring proper dynamics for wind measurements up to 300m above sea level even in the most challenging conditions such as these.

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